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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Hot Shot Pic Booth work?

Step into the booth and have fun!
Guests will have a blast and love their party favors.

How does the Photo Album work? [ADD-ON]

This isn’t just any ordinary photo album, it’s a personalized photo guest book, we provide the album and your guests will provide the photo strip along with their signatures. We add some flair to the album as well!

Do photos print on the spot?

Yes, your pictures will emerge from the photo booth immediately after they are taken.

Will a Hot Shot Pic employee be at my event?

Yes, we will be there the entire time, assisting your guests.

Is there a minimum number of photos allowed?

Guests can take as many photos as they would like.

Will I get "color" or "black and white" photos?

As the guests prepare for the photos, they will have the option to choose between color or black and white.

What picture quality should I expect?

We use only the best equipment that produce photo-lab quality prints, because we use precision print technology. Your pictures are also less vulnerable to scratches, fading, and distortion.

What is in the Basic Prop Box?

Cutouts on sticks, Hats, Mustaches, Lips, and Glasses.

What is in the Upgraded Prop Box?

Cutouts on sticks, Boas, Hats, Masks, Glasses, and More!